If you are planning to apply for a place at the Complutense University as an incoming Erasmus student, the first thing you need to do is contact your coordinator/s at your home university to discuss your plans with them and to put your name forward. We can only accept incoming students for the areas of studies specified in bilateral agreements between universities. So, check with your local International Relations officers which universities and which departments or faculties have established agreements with your university. For more information click here.

If you are a Nominated Erasmus Student at our Faculty we give you below some interesting information about our Faculty of Biology and the courses you could follow. For other general information regarding your stay at UCM please click here.

Contact at Faculty of Biology (academic issues):

Contact at UCM (administrative issues):



An adequate knowledge of the Spanish Language is required, given that classes at UCM are mainly taught in Spanish (only some courses in English please check

Please take a look to the general requirements here:

If your university offers you a Spanish course before the beginning of your mobility and you obtain a B1 level certificate, you will have no problem. In addition, UCM will also offer you a free Spanish course when you arrive.



Grado en Biología

- Biology Degree at UCM is structured in 4 years (240 ECTS).

- The courses can be semestral (6 ECTS) or annual (12 ECTS).

- In the 4th year all subjects are semestral and you can choose among three different fields (Environmental biology, Biotechnology and Health Biology).

In this link, you can find the list of all subjects, the year and the semester in which they are taught. Here, you can consult the syllabus of the courses. We recommend you to check them with your Erasmus coordinator.



If you are interested in Master subjects please ask us in, as the coordination of the Master should approve each proposal. In general a B2 or C1 level in Spanish and previous proven knowledge of basic contents of the Master are required.



- Please check these UCM’s general rules for incoming Erasmus students -

- Please be aware that you can include in your Learning Agreement a maximum of two courses from a different faculty than the one you are applying to.

- As a rule, courses from the first year cannot be introduced in your Learning Agreement (if you are interested please contact

- Exceptionally, when the stay of incoming students is only for one semester, some annual subjects (12 ECTS) can be followed only for such semester (6 ECTS), please ask us if this is your case before including it (

- In order to avoid schedule problems, we recommend you not to choose for the same semester:

  • subjects of more than two different years,
  • subjects of more than two different grades or Faculties and,
  • subjects of more than two different mentions (in the fourth year of the degree in Biology).

If exceptionally you should do it, please ask us before (


Academic calendar 2021/2022

You can find more information regarding your stay at UCM clicking here